Owning a hot tub in The Woodlands, Texas is one of the smartest choices anyone can make. Not only does it help ease stress and alleviate pain and discomfort in the body, but they also provide a wonderful place to spend time relaxing with family and friends. Now that you’ve finally made the decision to buy a spa, you might be trying to figure out what kind is the best one to get. Trying to figure out which spa is the best one for your needs? Learn about these 3 hot tubs types before you make your decision. Click To Tweet

Not all spas are created equal and depending on your wants and needs, you might opt for a swim spa, therapy spa, or a popular plug and play spa. Read more about each spa type to see which one will be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Swim Spa

Swim spas are ideal for people who want to have the option of swimming–but without the large size and hassle that comes with owning a pool. A swim spa allows you to swim continuously against a water current, but also has the soothing water jets and heated water of a hot tub.

ProTip: A swim spa can help you enjoy swimming fitness in the comfort of your own backyard, along with the therapeutic benefits of a spa when you desire them.

Therapy Spa

If you are looking for the ultimate therapeutic experience of relaxation, stress and pain relief, a therapy spa is a perfect solution. Regular hydrotherapy (spending time in heated water with soothing jets) may help relieve symptoms associated with arthritis, sleep disorders, and pain and tension, and other afflictions.

Plug and Play

Plug n’ Play spas are a great option for those looking for hydrotherapy without additional electrical requirements. Plug and Play spas are able to plug into normal 110V power outlets so you don’t have to run new electrical wiring. Plug and Play portable hot tubs are perfect for someone renting a home who still wants the health and relaxation benefits of a spa.

Choosing the Perfect Hot Tub

No matter what your needs are, a hot tub can help you stay in shape, lose weight, and help you de-stress. Explore the different options to learn which type of spa would be best for you.

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