“Very positive experience with both sales and delivery. I did not feel pressured to purchase something outside of my budget. Delivery and set up exceeded my expectations. I give Spas Unlimited 5 stars, but the manufacturer only 3.5. I purchased a Viking Legend 2. Pros: Kids love the multi-colored LEDs, seems well insulated and made in the USA. Cons: Was disappointed in the design and quality control of the waterfall feature. There are 2 jets that are supposed to direct water down the center of the water feature, but one jet is severely angled to the side causing water to go all over the place and splash your face. Sounds like a small thing, but clearly limited quality control at the factory. There is no way anyone tested this prior to shipping to the distributor. The control panel is only lit in the center making it very difficult to see the surrounding buttons at night (I did not have this issue with my prior Balboa control panel). The area that is designed to “lay back” is a below-average design. My prior spa had a nice slope that allowed your legs to naturally bend and keep your center of balance. This design is more like lying back almost flat, which causes your legs to float. If I had to purchase again, I would have done more research and spent a little more to get a better-designed product as I had previously. Would gladly buy from Spas Unlimited again. My fault for not researching further and trying to get something on the lower end of the budget.”

Sifu G.