As much as you probably want to, you won’t spend all your time outside in the hot tub. For socializing with friends in the sun, a few weather-resistant pieces of outdoor furniture are a perfect addition to your backyard. Customize your outdoor living space to your preferences and habits!

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Deciding on a Style

Depending on how often you have friends over and what you typically do in your backyard, you could have a lot of furniture or just a few nice chairs. Whatever your preference, there’s a style for you! Which of these would best complement your spa?

  1. Outdoor dining area
  2. Coffee table and chairs
  3. Loveseat
  4. Outdoor living room
  5. Sunbathing spot

1) Outdoor Dining Area

This is particularly useful for anyone with an outdoor kitchen as well. Why go back inside to eat? Serve dinner and host parties in your backyard with outdoor dining furniture. Just make sure your nicer furniture can survive the Houston weather!

Pro Tip: Your outdoor furniture should always be weatherproof and at least water-resistant, in case you go straight from the spa to a chair.

2) Coffee Table and Chairs

Want to relax with friends or family in your backyard? Arrange some chairs for a universally appealing look, and add a coffee table to set books or snacks. Depending on how much time you plan to spend in your spa, consider putting the furniture nearby so one friend can take advantage of the hot water.

3) Loveseat

If your backyard would feel crowded with too much furniture, one or two simple loveseats should do the trick. Relax with a loved one in privacy and comfort. A loveseat’s simple but universal appeal will add a touch of elegance to your backyard.

4) Outdoor Living Room

Your living room is missing something: sunlight! Set up an outdoor living area with couches, chairs, a coffee table, and possibly even a TV if you’re feeling adventurous (and the TV is covered!). Arrange the furniture around a TV, fire pit, or even your spa to provide a focal point for your new living space.

5) Sunbathing Spot

For a slightly more traditional take on pool furniture, find something that will let you relax and soak up some sun. It can be anything from a cot to a reclining chair. Relax and work on your tan next to your spa!  

Decorating Your Woodlands Backyard

Your spa will prove to be a great addition to any outdoor space. But don’t forget practical features like furniture too! Durable outdoor furniture will allow you and your loved ones to spend time outside in comfort and enjoy the nice weather after a dip in the spa.

Want inspiration for your new outdoor furniture layout? Join the conversation and see how others decorated their yards!