When shopping for a hot tub you may be tempted to save some money and skimp on a cover. Resist the temptation! While a hot tub is a wonderful investment, it requires care and maintenance. The cover is a vital part of that. 

5 Reasons a Hot Tub Cover is a Must

Hot tub covers are essential to prolong the life of your spa. If you’re looking to get the most out of your hot tub, a durable, proper-fitting cover is a necessity. Here’s why:

1) Keeping it safe

Your hot tub might be small in comparison to a pool, but it’s still an open body of water. Hot tubs pose a drowning hazard to children and pets. Some people will try to save money by covering the hot tub with a tarp, forgetting the danger. A tarp or soft covering will not protect your child if they fall in. Always opt for safety and cover your hot tub with a hard, sturdy cover.

2) Maximum energy efficiency

“Are you trying to heat the whole neighborhood?”  We all remember hearing that phrase as kids, when the front door was left open in the winter. Heat escapes quickly, and can make your electrical system work overtime trying to keep up. Your hot tub is no different. The biggest expense of a hot tub is the electricity it takes to keep the water heated properly. An uncovered (or poorly covered) tub is going to use a lot of unnecessary energy trying to keep the water hot. You will save yourself money and avoid long heating times if you keep it covered with a traditional hot tub cover.

3) Prevent evaporation

The first defense against losing water through evaporation is having a good hot tub cover. Covers are a minimal expense compared to what you’ll pay replenishing water and chemicals that evaporate. Hot tub covers dramatically reduce evaporation and water waste. Take good care of your cover to extend its life and look to replace it when it starts looking worn and becomes less effective

4) Maintain chemical balance

A hot tub cover will save you time and money balancing your chemical levels. If you maintain proper water chemistry you will you save money, because you’ll use fewer chemicals. You’ll also save water because your hot tub won’t need as many drains and refills. Some water chemistry problems get so out of hand that you have to do a manual water reset. Avoid such major problems by keeping your hot tub covered when not in use.

5) Strong and durable

Inclement weather can be hard on your hot tub if it’s not properly covered. Using inadequate covering in high winds will result in dirt and debris in your hot tub. Do not use bricks or cinder blocks to weigh your covering down. They can fall off or into your hot tub, damaging the acrylic or causing injury.

Give Your Spa the Best

Your hot tub is an investment. Maximize that investment by extending the life of your spa with preventive maintenance. A high-quality cover will insulate your hot tub and protect the water from debris. It also offers a necessary safety barrier. Skimping on a cover will always cost more in the end!

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