Throughout the past year, hot tubs have surged in popularity, with some areas seeing a 30 to 40 percent increase in demand. This unprecedented surge, coupled with the drop in production thanks to COVID shutdowns, has caused a supply shortage among hot tub manufacturers. Demand is so high that many hot tub retailers have sold out of their annual pre-orders and securing more inventory remains challenging. 

But the good news is you aren’t out of luck. While it is taking longer for units to arrive from the manufacturers, they are available. It’s just important to note that you can’t necessarily expect to walk into a hot tub store and pick out your perfect tub and have it immediately. Getting your hot tub will take a little patience, strategy, and an open mind.

Be Open-Minded
Now’s the time to be willing to buy your hot tub without checking it out in person. Sell sheets, websites, and brochures offer good basic information on what’s available. Since even pre-owned inventory is in high demand, ordering a model you may not necessarily want to keep long term isn’t the biggest risk since its resale value will hold. 

Remaining open-minded to the options you’re looking for will also help you get a hot tub sooner. Let your retailer know what features you’re interested in, focusing on which are needs versus wants. 

Get On a Waitlist
Look for a hot tub store that’s offering a pre-order waitlist and stay in contact with them. A reliable hot tub dealer will regularly update their customers on inventory changes and lead times. 

Consider the hot tub store you’re looking to buy from. Big box retailers may not have the personable relationships with hot tub manufacturers that a locally-owned and operated smaller store does. Owners with ties to the industry can be far more resourceful in finding you the perfect hot tub. Let them know what you want, so they’ll have you in mind while sourcing inventory.

Time to Consider Pre-Owned
Now’s a great time to consider purchasing a pre-owned, returned, or factory seconds hot tub. If you’re adamant about getting in a hot tub immediately, this may be a viable option for you. Let your hot tub retailer know you’re open to this option and they’ll be able to remain in touch should a unit come available.

Your Houston Hot Tub Store
The pandemic affected many facets of the pool and spa industry, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your hot tub dream. Manufacturers are working hard to catch up on production while retailers are working hard to secure their inventory. The industry is in flux, but you may be able to land your new hot tub sooner than you think. Give the hot tub experts at Spas Unlimited a call today to discuss all of your options.