Are you excited about your family summer vacation? Everyone needs a little getaway, but when you are making plans and getting ready to head out for your summer adventure, don’t forget to prepare your hot tub, too! We all get stuck focusing on what to pack and who will take care of picking up the mail, but prepping your hot tub is a step you don’t want to forget. Doing a little bit of prep work can ensure you don't come home to a broken or imbalanced hot tub. Click To Tweet

Prepping Your Hot Tub For Vacation

Luckily, prepping your hot tub before a vacation isn’t too difficult. With these six tips, you can enjoy your summer vacation without worrying one bit about your hot tub at home.

1) Test Your Hot Tub Water

It is important to test your water before leaving for a vacation. Test the alkalinity and hardness and make appropriate changes to maintain proper balance. Proper water balance minimizes bacteria levels in the water.

2) Drain & Refill Your Hot Tub

If your hot tub water is older than three months, it is a good idea to drain your hot tub and refill it with fresh water. By draining and refilling prior to leaving for vacation allows you to come home to a hot tub that is all ready for you to relax in.

3) Clean Your Hot Tub

While your hot tub is drained, it is the perfect time to do a quick cleaning. Clean dirt and debris and change out your hot tub filter to prevent any issues from occurring while you are away.

4) Adjust Your Hot Tub Temperature

There is no need to keep your hot tub running at top temperatures if you aren’t home and using it, so turn down the temperature about ten degrees to help save on energy and electricity costs.

5) Shock and Sanitize Hot Tub Water

Before heading out of town, make sure to shock and sanitize your water, and run the pumps for at least 30 minutes. This helps combat algae growth and keeps your hot tub clean while you’re gone.

6) Lock Your Hot Tub Cover

Never leave town without putting a spa cover (and locking it) on your hot tub. A hot tub cover prevents debris and bacteria from contaminating your water and helps eliminate any chances of children or critters from falling in or getting stuck in the hot tub.

Preparing for Vacation? Prep Your Hot Tub

Following the above tips can help you have a wonderful vacation without having to worry about your hot tub. By properly preparing your hot tub, your hot tub will stay healthy and be ready for relaxing when you return.

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