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Soaking in your hot tub after a long day may be just what you need to unwind. Immersing yourself in the warm water eases muscle pain, relieves stress and helps improve your cardiovascular health. However, as with many things in our lives, glitches can occur and may prevent you from being able to take a soak. 

Read on below to learn more about some of the most common issues affecting your hot tub and troubleshooting tips to get you soaking again in no time. 

Hot Tub Air Lock Fix

An airlock occurs when air gets trapped in the plumbing system, preventing the pump from working properly. This usually happens after you have drained, cleaned, and refilled your tub with water. You will only notice the airlock when you turn on the jets, but no water flows through them.

To solve this problem, you have to expel the air out of the plumbing system. There are a few ways you can achieve that. First, you can turn on all the jets, allowing them to run for at least 15 seconds, then turn them off. Repeat the process several times until the air gets expelled. 

If nothing comes out after three or four cycles, you might have to open the nut connecting the spa and the pump to burp out the air. You will only know you’ve solved the problem once the water starts flowing out.

Water Won’t Heat

If you want to soak in the hot tub, but the water won’t heat up, you’re experiencing a heater failure. Hot tub heater elements are just like electric water heater elements, meaning they can also burn out quickly, especially if they are not surrounded by cooling water. A test meter set on ohms can help you determine the heater element resistance. Usually, the meter should display 9-12 ohms. If it keeps rising, the heater element has a short, and you should replace it.

Sometimes the heater elements can stop working due to a buildup of scale caused by hard water or salt water sanitation systems. Scale reduces your spa’s heater element effectiveness and, over time, it can lead to failure. If you live in an area with hard water, use a sequestering agent. It will help reduce the alkalinity of the water and remove calcium. As a result, it will minimize scale formation on the heater elements.

Water Not Staying Hot

Your hot tub should keep your water warm throughout your soak. But if it’s not heating your water properly, something is up. Start by checking your hot tub heater elements. Is the power reaching the heater? Are there any signs of chewed, burned, or frayed wires? Are connections tight? Change your heater element if you notice chipping or cracks around the coating.

Your hot tub cover can also prevent your tub from heating enough. If it’s old or ripped on the edges or along the fold, it can let steam sip out, resulting in heat loss. Replacing an old or insufficient cover will play an important role in keeping your water hot. 

Water Gets Too Hot

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too hot, in your hot tub. Your hot tub water can get too hot for several reasons. Maybe you’ve set the temperature too high. Most of the time in southern states it’s because of (HEAT CREEP). Heat Creep is caused by the ambient temp and running the tub filter cycles too long. In the summer it is best to turn your filter cycles down to 2 hours every 12 hours. Also venting the cover to create air ventilation. To vent the cover, prop the cover up about 4 inches off the spa on one side so the hot air can escape. The hot tub can also overheat because of electrical or sensor problems. Check if all the sensors and electronics are working properly. Be sure to replace bad sensors with new ones. For an electrical issue, be sure to call your local hot tub service company to come out for a professional fix.

How to Locate and Pull the Drain Out

It’s recommended to drain your hot tub every three months. Every hot tub comes with a drain plug/drain valve/drain plug located on the outside, near the bottom rim. Most models come with one drain valve, but some can have two.

If you wish to drain your hot tub, open the drain valve and attach a garden hose to it. The garden hose will let you direct water to a place that’s best for expulsion. After that, you might have to pull the drain spigot a little to open the valve so water can flow. It usually takes three to four hours to drain your hot tub through gravity. If you want it to drain faster, you can use a submersible pump.

How to Switch Modes in Your Hot Tub (Temperature and Light)

Most hot tubs come with a standard Balboa control unit, which features three operating modes: Standard (Std or st), Economy (Ecn, Eco, Ec), and Sleep (SLP or SL). The most common way to switch between these modes is to press the Temp button, then the Light button. Repeat the same process until you find the mode of your choice.

Your Houston Hot Tub Experts

If you’re noticing your hot tub acting up, don’t panic. Oftentimes it just needs some quick troubleshooting and the issue is resolved. You can handle most issues on your own. For more in-depth services, be sure to contact the hot tub service professionals at Spas Unlimited to schedule a service appointment. 

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