Mental health often requires different treatments than purely physical ailments. However, a treatment that is able to help both the body and mind is remarkably effective for a person’s overall health. And one excellent example of a treatment that can boost a person’s mental and physical health simultaneously is regular usage of a hot tub or spa.

Soaking in a hot tub helps you feel relaxed and happy, and as studies have shown, the effects of warm water and buoyancy also contribute to increased physical health. But those same health benefits can apply to your mental state as well. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways regularly using a hot tub can boost your mood and mental health.

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Comparable Results to a Workout

A study published in Health Magazine compared two groups of people. The first group spent half an hour daily soaking in hot water, and the second group exercised for about 45 minutes twice a week. Eight weeks later, the results showed that the first group experienced better moods and higher quality of life. Exercise is still important, of course. But if you can’t exercise as frequently as you’d like for your mental health, using a hot tub can produce comparable results!

Better Sleep, Better Days

Because of its effects on your body’s circadian rhythm, using a hot tub regularly in the evenings will help you sleep better. Better sleep benefits both your physical and mental health in the long run. Your body gets the rest it needs, helping you wake up refreshed in the morning and feel energetic throughout the day. Focus on treating your sleep issues to help boost both your mental and physical health.

Self-Care Habits

Self-care involves doing nice and/or helpful things for yourself to improve your mood. These activities can be both a result of and a trigger for increased mental health. As you begin to feel better, you’re more likely to set aside time for self-care and find enjoyable ways to spend your time and boost your mood. These changes will result in an improved mental state and contribute to developing your good habits even further.

Pro Tip: Working on improving your mental health has a positive ripple effect that you should focus on cultivating. Find ways to give yourself a sense of peace and happiness to encourage long-term improvement.

Treat Yourself!

While using a hot tub is no substitute for medical treatment for very serious conditions, there’s no denying that it’s an excellent supplement to any mental health care regimen. Whether you want to sleep better, develop good habits, or just feel better in general, try soaking in your hot tub for a few days and keep track of your improvements. You may just be surprised!

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