If you plan to head for somewhere warmer this winter or do not plan to use your hot tub through the cold season, it’s best to properly winterize your hot tub in order to keep it running without issues and to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria from growing. If you are wondering the correct way to winterize your hot tub, follow these 8 steps to make sure you’re doing it right. Click To Tweet

Properly Winterize Your Hot Tub

Winterizing your hot tub should be left until the last moment, so plan ahead and get an early start, and make sure to follow these steps to properly winterizing your hot tub:

  1. Assemble Winterizing Equipment
  2. Turn Off the Power
  3. Drain the Hot Tub Water
  4. Remove and Clean Filters
  5. Unscrew Fittings for Drainage
  6. Blow Out Pipes and Re-Drain
  7. Deep Clean
  8. Hot Tub Cover

1) Assemble Winterizing Equipment

Before you drain your hot tub, you’ll need to assemble some equipment:

  • A wet/dry shop vac
  • Garden hose or sump pump
  • Absorbent towels

2) Turn Off the Power

Once you gather up the equipment you need to winterize your hot tub, make sure all power is turned off before you move forward any further.

3) Drain the Hot Tub Water

If you own a sump pump, you can set that up to drain the water from your hot tub. If you do not own a sump pump, you can let gravity do the trick by attaching a garden hose to your hot tub drainage plug and let the water flow out. Be patient and when it is almost completely empty, you can remove the remaining water with your shop vacuum.

4) Remove and Clean Filters

Now that your hot tub is drained, remove all the filter cartridges and clean them with a recommended hot tub filter cleaner. Once the filters are clean, you can put them somewhere safe and dry until you are ready to get your hot tub up and running again.

5) Unscrew Fittings for Drainage

Your next step in winterizing your hot tub is to locate the pump and if there are any unions attached the PVC pipe from the pump, loosen them. Then remove all drain plugs from the pump, as well, in order to let any water drain from the pipes. Keep the drain plugs in a safe space for later use.

6) Blow Out Pipes and Re-Drain

Once you have removed the fittings from the pump and pipes, take your shop vac and turn it to blow, rather than suck, and then blow out every jet. To be safe, repeat this measure twice. This Blowing out the pipes will cause more water to accumulate in your hot tub, so be sure to remove this excess water by soaking it up with towels or use your shop vac to get it dry.

7) Deep Clean

ProTip: When your hot tub is finally empty and dry, give it a good cleaning with a recommended hot tub cleaner.

Make sure to read the directions well; some cleaners require to rinse afterward. If this is the case, be sure there is no water left in your hot tub when you are complete. Also, don’t forget to give your hot tub cover a deep cleaning, too!

8) Hot Tub Cover

After your hot tub is clean and dry, it is time to replace your hot tub cover to help prevent anything from getting inside.

Top Tips to Winterize Your Cypress, TX Hot Tub

By following the above tips you will have successfully winterized your hot tub! But remember–just because it is winter, it doesn’t mean you have to winterize–the cold months are perfect for relaxing in the warm jets of a hot tub!

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