Hot water therapy, in the form of long soaks in warm to hot water, has long been recognized as beneficial for multiple health issues. Even if you’re reasonably healthy and don’t necessarily need hydrotherapy, a long soak in warm water can still provide you with plenty of health benefits. However, as with any kind of therapy, this treatment must be used properly.

The benefits of soaking in warm water are acknowledged by many healthcare professionals. As a supplement to a healthy lifestyle, periodic hydrotherapy will help your health on multiple levels. With this guide to appropriately taking advantage of hot water therapy, you’ll be able to help yourself feel better and improve your health overall.

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Relax Physically and Emotionally

You probably already know that you feel more relaxed after a hot bath, but did you know there’s actually a lot of science behind that feeling? The warmth and buoyancy produced by hot water soothe sore muscles and joints, in addition to stimulating the release of natural antidepressant hormones. Some doctors will even advise spending time in your hot tub before bed to help with sleep. Both your body and mind are relaxed in a hot tub!

Reduce Aches and Pains

A hot tub can also provide effective treatment for chronic pain, particularly back pain. The water supports your body weight, removing pressure off sore joints, and the heat encourages blood circulation and soothes your pain. The medical community already recognizes heat as an excellent treatment for severe pain, and a hot tub is just a particularly relaxing way to get this type of self-therapy.

Low-Impact Workouts

Finally, a hot tub is a unique piece of exercise equipment as well as a relaxing spot. Many hot tub owners perform yoga sessions partially submerged in the hot water to stretch further and hold the poses longer. Additionally, climbing into a hot tub after an intense workout takes the weight off your joints and eases the muscle soreness a workout usually causes. Best of all, exercising in your hot tub lets you workout in an environment where your body weighs less than usual. Never hurt yourself exercising again!

Pro Tip: A swim spa combines the best of hot tub therapy with exercise! Swim against a current like an underwater treadmill.

Hot Water Therapy for Your Health

Regardless of your exact reason for taking advantage of a therapeutic hot tub, you’re sure to find plenty of benefits from daily hot water therapy. At the very least, a long soak in warm water will make you feel awesome. At best, you can expect improvements in your health and stress levels after consistently using warm water as a form of self-therapy.

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